New Work Friday #211

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“I remembered asking my mother how these strange pictures had been made. She waved away my question with a smile. It was only later, when I went to University and studied near the campus art museum, that I’d shown pictures of the drawings I had on my phone to a curator. She too had smiled faintly as she pinched up the screen for details. Early 21st century most likely, she’d said, quite rare. What did these images show? There were men, engaged in some form of work, but it appeared that large sections of the images were missing. On those occasions when my father would take the drawings out of the hall airing cupboard where they were stored, we’d lay them out on the dining room table and I would pore over the details. The only explanation I could think of was that there must have been some kind of pixel degradation in the image and, after such a long period of time, they’d resolved with large black blocks in the areas where the information was lost.”

Teo Treloar, Black Geometry, Andrew Baker Gallery, Brisbane until December 17.

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