Tunes for Tuesday: Channel Music

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Trap Remix

mii channel but all the pauses are uncomfortably long, sardinewhiskers

Wii Dance, by Mike Song

Wii Channel Music but it’s played by a saxophone quartet, Bari S.

I put Wii music over north koreans marching, Jmak

I put Wii Music Over Trump’s Awkward Handshakes, Techtonics

Long Neck Ladies, Mii Channel Hip Hop Remix/Instrumental *Wii Music Remix* (prod. B.R. Beats) by Gentlemen Bandit


“The Mii Channel is a channel available on default for the Wii. It is an avatar creation channel which allows the user to create characters that can be used in various video games for the Wii. Miis have become the most iconic characters of the Wii generation, appearing in the Wii series of games among many others, both first and third party. The list of available options when editing the characters’ Mii is limited, though their unique appearance have contributed to their success. After conceiving a Mii, the player can insert their character into the Wii Remote and transfer it to another Wii system.” Nintendo Wikkia

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