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Friday Degustation: now with anchovies

“A sort of liveliness…” Sally Ross’s Large Scale Landscapes

Sally Ross, Landscape (Hills and Blue Lake) 2019, oil on wood panel 
110 x 130 cm
Sally Ross, Landscape (Blue River), 2019, oil on wood panel 
110 x 130 cm
Sally Ross, Landscape (Green II), 2019, oil on wood panel 
130 x 110 cm

Its hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Sally Ross‘s last commercial exhibition in Sydney, but her latest self-titled exhibition with Martin Browne Contemporary is a major new body of work, that’s also a substantial increase in scale. [>] “I’ve loved making something that’s bigger than me,” Ross says. “It’s nice to be overpowered by the scale but there’s still an intensity of detail all over it, so it’sreally quite beautiful. I’m thrilled with it and can’t wait for people to see it.” Ross says that as well as including the largest works she has created, the dozen paintings in the exhibition celebrate a new painterly freedom.“There are still the absolute classic, really strong greens and ultramarine blues. But you’ve also got a lovely looseness, with this new feathering technique and some other departures from previous landscapes in larger plains of white and softer pastels of pinks and blues. There’s a sort of liveliness that’s coming in; it’s a little less tight, a little more painterly.” Until October 13, Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.

To infinity, and beyond…

For those with a brain wired into science fiction, contemporary art and experimental film, James Gray‘s just released epic Ad Astra was an intriguing combination of standard space movie visuals and something rather special. In an otherwise enjoyable but ultimately dumb space movie, there were extended moments of glorious abstraction. Riffing no doubt on Stanley Kubrick‘s use of expanded cinema filmmakers to help produce 2001‘s last act star-gate sequence, Gray’s movie likewise pushes abstraction as a dubious equivalence for the infinite. But on a more mundane level, what’s fascinating is the director reached out to a couple of film academics specialising in avant garde film and video to serve as advisors. [>]“It’s a rare thing for scholars to be asked to serve as advisors on studio films of any size, no matter the topic. (Hell, we’re usually not even asked to authenticate representations of academia itself.) So, it came as a pleasant surprise indeed for Brooklyn-based scholar and curator Leo Goldsmith and Georgia Tech film and media professor Gregory Zinman when they were asked by director James Gray to serve as advisors on his latest film, Ad Astra, scheduled for a September release by 20th Century Fox. Said to be a moody, existential science fiction film (Zinman and Goldsmith have read the script but are sworn to secrecy, and the film hasn’t screened at press time), Ad Astra posed certain challenges for Gray that, in the director’s mind, could possibly be addressed by exploring the world of avant-garde media. So, he turned to two experts in the field…”

Banksy, the profitable sequel…

Banksy’s ‘Devolved Parliament’

[>] “Almost one year after Banksy made auction history for shredding one of his paintings moments after it sold, the anonymous street artist is once again back in auction and breaking records. His largest known oil-on-canvas, depicting a chaotic scene in the U.K. parliament, will soon be shown and auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London ahead of a Brexit talk during an EU summit next month. The piece, titled Devolved Parliament is expected to sell between £1.5 million and £2 million at Sotheby’s evening sale of contemporary art on October 3 in London. The work will be on display starting Sept. 28…”

Exploring the cinematic

[>] “My photography work is mostly about exploring the cinematic and narrative possibilities of a single still frame, while also using weather conditions as a way to affect the emotional state of a photograph Henri Prestes, images via [>] Twitter.

Assorted Links

‘Everybody Watches Porn’ [>] Dealer Michele Maccarone on Why She Teamed Up With PornHub For Her Explicit New Show in LA

Dept. of Coals to Newcastle: “Join Grayson for one night only this January at the Australian Premiere of Grayson Perry: Them & Us. A ‘brilliantly clever’ evening of laughter and intelligent discussion with one of the most celebrated artists of his generation…” [>] Grayson Perry’s Sydney talk fest tickets on sale, cheap seats from $90

Meanwhile, Perry says [>] ‘I wonder if the whole art market isn’t a money-laundering scheme’

[>]“The Bio-Integrated Design Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture has created a modular system of tiles inlaid with algae that can filter toxic chemical dyes and heavy metals out of water…”

On Line [>] The Pulse of Agnes Martin

“In the past decade, only 11 percent of all work acquired by top museums in the US was by women…” [>] Female Artists Made Little Progress in Museums Since 2008, Survey Finds

Patrick Tresset is an artist who was not a fan of his own work. So, he came up with an idea… [>] program a bunch of robots and let them do all the drawing.

RIP Gianfranco Gorgoni. [>] “Gorgoni captured some of best-known images of Land Art masterpieces from the 1970s onward, contributing immeasurable value to the movement.” ?

And finally…

The Art Life

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