Man, Room, Paint

Art Life , Reviews May 18, 2004 No Comments

We started to feel, as we walked through the streets of Chinatown that our sugar high was well and truly over. We felt nervous and irritable and damn this sweaty then freezing weather – you’re too hot under your coat and then too cold as you hit Railway Square on the way to the UTS Gallery and a show by Micky Durrng.

We walked in and wondered where the art was. It was on the wall – it was the walls – painted in stripes on the pillars, the ceiling and the entrance way, the whole thing was the artwork which, according to the blurb “alternatively represent the rays of the sun, the refraction of light from the scales of fish caught by the Kingfisher bird in the coastal mangroves, and marks left on the trunks of mangrove trees by the coming and going of the tides.” It looked like this. We felt like we had come to the end of something.

Andrew Frost

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