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To conclude our round up of reader polls asking what was the best of the best of 07, the Best exhibition of 2007 poll was a hotly contested vote-a-thon. In the end it came down to a race between two excellent shows at Kaliman Gallery. The winner by two noses is Ms & Mr with a very close second to Kate Rhode. Not too far behind was What‘s show at Gallery 9. Congratulations to all.

Best exhibition of 2007?

Milsom & Hanrahan at NAS 4% 13
Monika Behrans at IDG 4% 12
What at Gallery 9 12% 36
Adair Kotja & Volich at Stills 2% 7
Mary Teague at James Dorahy 2% 6
Rohan Whelans at Oxley 0% 1
Kate Rhode at Kaliman 14% 41
Arlene Textaqueen at Mori 2% 6
Vicky Browne at MOP 2% 5
Julian Meagher at Chalkhorse 7% 21
Tracey Moffatt at Oxley 2% 5
Terminus Projects 0% 1
Holly Williams at Firstdraft 2% 7
Ms & Mr at Kaliman 15% 44
Huseyin Sami at Sarah Cottier 2% 6
Shaun Gladwell at Artspace 5% 16
Halinka Orszulok at MOP 1% 4
Alex Davies at Chalkhorse 1% 3
Tracey Clement at Groundfloor 1% 3
Another exhibition 19% 54

291 votes total

You may have noted that Another Exhibition got 54 votes, which would have made that category a clear winner. Unfortunately very few people read the rules of the vote which were, to make that category count, you had to have nominated which show you were voting for. In the end, only three shows were nominated as “another exhibition” – Michelle Hanlin and Brett East‘s solo shows at Gallery 9, and controversially perhaps, Sculpture By The Sea. In fairness, we could only give each show 18 votes a piece.

See youse all next year.

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