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With these 50 scientifically tested and proven questions, we can now offer free personality assessments for all of our readers who leave comments, and answer that vexing question – “What sort of an Art Life reader am I?”

Each question has one of two answers – TRUE or FALSE. Simply record your answers and send them to us at the usual email address [at right]. Please allow ten working days for a reply.

1. I have not seen a car in the past ten years.
2. I feel sorrier for strangers than close friends.
3. I enjoy reading books of fiction.
4. Flaws in others disgust me.
5. My partner’s genitals remind me of those of an animal.
6. I am more conservative than risk taking.
7. Sometimes I get very nervous.
8. I am talkative, open and relatively easy to read.
9. I more often introduce myself to strangers than strangers introduce themselves to me.
10. I consider myself more of a doer than a thinker.
11. I like to set goals before beginning a project.
12. I like to follow schedules.
13. I am easily distracted.
14. I have had sex outdoors/in a public place/at a beauty spot.
15. I lose important things/documents.
16. I think it is OK to bend the rules to complete a task on time.
17. I enjoy long weekends.
18. I once built a model airplane that flew.
19. When I was a child, I collected stamps.
20. I like to repair mechanical things in my home.
21. I am inclined to be slow and deliberate in my actions.
22. When someone disagrees with me, I refuse to listen to his/her point of view.
23. I often buy things on impulse.
24. I often change my interests.
25. I can find the good in even the most disagreeable people.
26. Lincoln was a better president than Washington.
27. I am cautious in novel situations.
28. The thought of leaving red marks on my partner’s body makes me ill.
29. I am more irritated by desultory people than sappy people.
30. People should shift interpretive frames rather than gather more facts.
31. I prefer people to be ineffable than elite.
32. I seem to speak without thinking some times.
33. I need someone to tell me that I have done a good job in order to feel good about my work.
34. I don’t think of myself as having my head “in the clouds”
35. I find it easy to put myself in someone else’s shoes.
36. I can’t stop thinking about my problems.
37. It upsets me to see someone in pain.
38. I can usually sense what someone is feeling without having to ask him/her.
39. When I’ve offended someone in the past, I could never really understand why they took it so badly.
40. When people ask me a question I find obvious, I purposely respond using words even a child can understand.
41. When I’m feeling down, I remind myself to focus on the good things in my life instead of the bad.
42. I have had sex in the bathroom of a friend/family member.
43. When I get angry I have little self control.
44. The opinions of others bore me.
45. I always try to see the other person’s point of view.
46. I masturbate often, sometimes more than once a day.
47. People often invite me out to social functions such as dinners and parties.
48. My interest in politics is often confused by others as anger or resentment.
49. I cannot see “magic eye” pictures.
50. I never liked my parents.

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