New Work Friday #53

New Work Jul 30, 2010 1 Comment

“Proliferation fills the gallery space with hundreds of feathers so the room appears to be bursting at the seams as hidden stuffing spews forth, feathers trail down the walls and explode out of the cracks between floorboards. Reclaimed stuffing from an old sofa, these feathers are inconsequential material usually dismissed as debris, but amassed in this installation they comment on humanity’s destructive urges and continued environmental abuse. Entering this room provokes individual emotional volatile responses ranging from attraction and playfulness to disgust and repulsion. The altered space conjures other-worldly connotations and evokes cautionary myths and fables. Proliferation’s fleeting and temporal qualities resonate a sense of tension, balancing between the immediate present and the possibilities of the unknown.” Kath Fries, July 2010.

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