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America: Painting a Nation

From Sharne Wolff… America: Painting a Nation is “the most expansive survey of American painting ever presented in Australia” with around 80 works spanning the years 1750 to 1966. While a show with a big sweep like this always has

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Playing More

Playing More

Reviews Jul 25, 2011

Meredith Birrell heads south for the winter where she finds those Melbourne artist-run spaces hard to find and the big O at MONA a bit of fun…

Whispered Landscapes

When Isobel Philip thinks of the Australian landscape she wonders – which one?

In advance of a broken column

Nigel Lendon casts an eye over the spiffy new entrance of the National Gallery of Australia…

Does the robot know I’m in here?

On a return visit to the Gallery of Modern Art, Sharne Wolff felt the uncanny presence of a bourgeois robot…

Spaces of experience

Charlotte Klonk’s Spaces of Experience examines the evolution of the art gallery interior from the dense hang of the 17th century salon through to today’s bespoke architect-designed gallery spaces such as the Guggenheim Bilbao and Tate Britain. She spoke to Andrew Frost about the current state of museology, the presence of new media in spaces designed for paintings and the inescapable presence of the wall text…

“It’s Art As You’ve Never Seen It Before…”

Tino La Bamba‘s quest to ride a motorised dragster from Sydney to Lismore was an astonishing success but it is only now that the startling details of his adventure are becoming known. La Bamba, who may be somehow related to

Easy Skanking

Easy Skanking

Art Life Dec 06, 2009

Imagine the scene if you can. You’re at the Art Gallery of NSW, or the Museum of Contemporary Art, or perhaps at the “National” Gallery of Victoria, for an opening party. It’s the standard fair: art world people, drinks, canapés,

Who You Lookin’ At??!!

The 5th Asia Pacific Triennial opened the brand new Gallery of Modern Art in 2006. It was a stupendous event. Interstate art lovers came to witness the cutting of the red ribbon, the brass band at the entrance playing God

Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Greetings from the sunshine state. The first thing you see out the window of the aircraft as it descends into Brisbane are mud flats. This isn’t meant to be symbolic, it’s just the way it is. In a similar fashion