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True or False?

With these 50 scientifically tested and proven questions, we can now offer free personality assessments for all of our readers who leave comments, and answer that vexing question – “What sort of an Art Life reader am I?” Each question

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Blogging For Beginners

Glass of wine optional… In a couple of weeks we move from pre-production of the Art Life TV show into full-blooded production. From March 12th we’ll be travelling around the country to stand in front of paintings, bas relief sculptures

The Art Life Range of Products

Welcome to The Art Life in 2007, a blog about the contemporary art world. We kicked off in 2004 and we today mark the beginning of our fourth year with a few changes. For those of you who like the

Best Show of 2006 Deathmatch Results

Download and fill in to win! Rectangular Ghost @ Roslyn Oxley Gallery 10% 61 Del Kathryn Barton @ Kaliman Gallery 36% 216 Stars of Track & Field @ Campbelltown City Gallery 54% 324 601 votes total Congratulations to What and

Best Shows of 2006

Best Shows of 2006

Polls Dec 11, 2006

The vote is in and we now have our Round 2 winners – the group show Stars of Track & Field at Campbelltown City Gallery and Del Kathryn Barton‘s show at Kaliman Gallery. They now join Rectangular Ghost in a

Carry Over Champs

Carry Over Champs

Polls Dec 04, 2006

The vote for the first part of our quest to discover what was 2006’s best show came in quick and fast – especially since we encourage multiple votes. There were some strong contenders – Vicky Browne‘s show at Pelt, which

Vote Like You Mean It

There’s less than a month to go until the begining of the holiday season. In our lead up to taking a break, we’re asking you to vote in our now annual poll of the best exhibitions for the year. It’s

Poll Shock: Publish and be damned!

To celebrate my [X] decades in the art biz I will Promptly go out of business 8 votesDiversify from painting and sculpture into video art 7 votesGet in a whole lot of new artists to smarten up my act 2

Shock Poll Shock: We’re Staying!

When I leave the art world I will Maintain a dignified silence 16% [11] Become a media pundit 1% [1] Write an amusing roman à clef 4% [3] Invest my money wisely in debentures 1% [1] Wait for a retrospective

Shock Poll Shock: Public sculpture?

Public Sculpture? Somewhere to hide my stash 5% [4] Good for shade in summer 6% [5] Something to lean against 7% [6] A shocking eyesore 9% [8] Criminally neglected 20% [17] X-cellent for sk8 18% [16] Will nicely meet bogus